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Pilot a Seasonal Pedestrian Street

In collaboration with a supportive community, DOT will create a seasonal pedestrian- and cyclist-only street in the summer of 2017. Car and truck access will be accommodated through special regulations, potentially during off-hours. The pilot project will last several months and will be evaluated by DOT.  

Strategic Plan 2016 Initiative


Related OneNYC Initiative


Short-Term Milestones (by end of 2017)


Update Description

DOT will launch and evaluate a seasonal pedestrian and cyclist-only street in the summer of 2017.


DOT, in collaboration with the Garment District Alliance BID and the Chinatown Partnership BID, closed two blocks of Broadway (39th-40th, 36th-37th) from June to August 2017. During this time the streets were activated with temporary art, plantings, movable furniture, programming, and plaza concessions.

DOT also closed Doyers Street in Chinatown for four weeks during September and October 2017. The closure was complemented by plantings, movable furniture, and programming.

Medium-Term Milestones (by end of 2021)


Update Description

If successful, DOT will expand the program to additional sites.