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Pilot new technology to obtain data that can prevent crashes

DOT will expand the use of cameras and sensors, video analysis software, and vehicle monitoring data to expand our understanding of why crashes occur and where they are likely to occur in the future. For example, DOT may be able to highlight locations where vehicles have frequent hard braking events or use video analytics to determine where drivers are less likely to yield to pedestrians.  

Strategic Plan 2016 Initiative


Related OneNYC Initiative


Short-Term Milestones (by end of 2017)


Update Description

DOT will develop video analytics and other systems which can systematically highlight locations where vehicles have frequent aggressive driving events and/or near misses to target street redesign and/or enforcement. 

In Progress

DOT is working with developers and academics to learn more about cutting edge video analytics and sensor and camera technology to improve traffic safety, monitor traffic flow, and target street redesign. In 2017 DOT tested various pilot technologies, including a project with Columbia University using onboard monitoring equipment. DOT will continue the testing and piloting equipment throughout 2018 to determine if any technology should be deployed for use in the city. 

Medium-Term Milestones (by end of 2021)


Update Description

DOT will use camera and sensor systems which contribute to our understanding of street safety beyond crash data.