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Improve maintenance and availability of public bike parking

To free up space for operable bikes, DOT has worked with the New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) to finalize revised DSNY rules to streamline removal of derelict bikes from DOT bike racks. DOT will being inspecting all racks twice a year and work with DSNY and community and merchant groups to proactively remove derelict bikes.

Strategic Plan 2016 Initiative


Related OneNYC Initiative


Short-Term Milestones (by end of 2017)


Update Description

DOT will begin inspecting all bike racks twice a year.

In Progress

DOT is planning for routine bike rack inspections as part of a larger contract to provide maintenance to Street Furniture, Street Spaces and Street Space Amenities in the five boroughs, helping to deliver on DOT's mission of enhancing safety and mobility.

DOT will develop a pilot program with community and merchant groups to remove derelict bikes from problem locations.

In Progress

In spring 2017, the agency collaborated with NYC Small Business Services on a PSA on derelict bikes to educate the public. DOT continues discussions on how to remove derelict and abandoned bikes on city owned property.

Medium-Term Milestones (by end of 2021)


Update Description

DOT will inspect all bike racks twice a year. If successful, DOT will expand the pilot program.