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Implement the Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX)

Working with NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), other City agencies , and the community, DOT will plan and implement the BQX, a streetcar linking Brooklyn to Queens along the waterfront.

Strategic Plan 2016 Initiative


Related OneNYC Initiative

1.6.2, 1.6.3

Short-Term Milestones (by end of 2017)


Update Description

DOT will develop an appropriately vetted streetcar plan including route and financing options to serve Brooklyn to Queens along the waterfront.

In Progress

DOT and EDC are developing a proposed streetcar plan based off dozens of community meetings and will release the plan in early 2018, which will include route and financing options.

Medium-Term Milestones (by end of 2021)


Update Description

Assuming an appropriate plan is deemed feasible, DOT will begin construction of the streetcar with a goal of revenue service in 2024.