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Develop decision making tools to help guide allocation of maintenance and capital resources across divisions

DOT will create tools and a process to help agency leadership cost-effectively allocate limited capital resources across a diverse range of asset classes.

Strategic Plan 2016 Initiative


Related OneNYC Initiative


Short-Term Milestones (by end of 2017)


Update Description

DOT will create a process and tools to help agency leadership effectively allocate limited capital resources across a diverse range of asset classes.


DOT has formed an Economic Analysis Working Group to help the agency effectively allocate limited capital resources, and will be using new tools to conduct cost-benefit and trade off analysis in the near future. The agency also allocates capital resources through its capital and financial planning processes. 

DOT will create a working group to manage DOT's data.  


DOT formed a GIS Working Group that meets regularly to assist in the collection of all asset data into a centralized repository, and to inform all data users of the availability of asset data from other DOT units. The Working Group also encourages data sharing and best practices though a series of presentations by different data owners, allowing Working Group members the opportunity to learn about what is available, ask questions, and provide feedback.

DOT will create a database of all data tables.


DOT has created an Asset Management Database of all agency data tables, and will continually update the database. This tool allows DOT to store and facilitate the update of data as well as produce reports and queries and to link to maps for users to visualize data.  

Medium-Term Milestones (by end of 2021)


Update Description

DOT will improve existing project tracking/planning systems to make them more efficient.

DOT will create tools to accurately predict life cycle and forecast the conditions likely to result from a range of funding scenarios.